CRLS – Cine Reflect Lighting System


The development of more and more sensitive emulsions and/or chips requires a redefinition of the film lighting. Illumination is more and more designing instead of a necessity. Being aware that not only technologies but also methods of directing and acting evolve, the development of new tools becomes a challenge.

The CINE REFLECT LIGHTING SYSTEM “CRLS” represents an ideal system on sets in combination with available light and a perfect complement to the conventional studio lighting.

In order to modulate – the alteration of physical characteristics like quality, quantity, shape and direction – the light that is projected onto a scene, contemporary cinematographers place several items between the light sources and the actors as well as decors.

In doing this with gels, foils, flags, cutters, cinematographers reduce inevitably the efficiency of lighting. Because of this facts, it is usually necessary to use large luminaries with unpleasant space restriction, glare and heat on the set, and obviously higher power consumption. Furthermore, a large array of stands and grip material obstructs the space needed by the director, the actors and the cinematographer to visualise the script.

The idea behind the CRLS is to avoid diminishing the light by “obstacles” and to replace these tools by special reflectors. These reflectors can influence dramatically the shape and structure of light that reaches the scene. To obtain the best possible efficiency and a really new quality of light , it is paramount to place the special reflectors into parallel light beams.

Therefore, the CRLS is composed by a special luminarie and an assortment of specially calculated laminations.

With the Beamer and laminations calculated by the Bartenbach Laboratory of Light, cinematographers can create any desired effect. These small laminations are precisely measured reflection medias, which, through fine structuring and high-tech coatings, define the light distribution as well as the light modulation.

That qualities allow you to create a light characteristic not only from hard to soft but even from round to elliptic from fill to hard effects, everything you need with a very high efficiency from 80 to 90 % reflection value.

So all in all you find with the CRLS a slim, lightweight and power saving lighting system which gives you a new freedom on the set and will change the working methods positively not only for the DOP, but also for actors and directors.

Let’s play billiard with the light by multiple reflections, just like the sun!

supported by Cine Tyrol.


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