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Program booklet 10-11/2021 of the Filmarchiv Austria, Retrospektive Christian Berger “Vom Zauber des Lichts”, Metro Kino Kultur Haus, curated by Florian Widegger.DSCF1317 6/21, “Light is invisible. We only see the light reflected from the world. Conversation with Christian Berger.”

Professional Production Germany 2/16, hands on report CRLS “By the Sea”

British Cinematographer 1/16, By the Sea, Making Light Work

American Cinematographer 12/15, Production Slate: “By the Sea”

“A River of Light – Interview with DoP Christian Berger about CRLS” by Tom Poederbach 13.12.2013

British Cinematographer #65 9/2014 “Past, Present and Future of Cinematography”

Workshop 2013/2014 in 8 parts “Licht Denken”
in Professional Production

“CRLS – Ein neues Beleuchtungskonzept – Bounce it!”
in Film&TV Kameramann

Interview Movieline LOS ANGELES

British Cinematographer issue 35/09 Compassion, image capture and creative co-operation

L’Association française de cinematographe

FILM und TV KAMERAMANN 7/09 Erfinder und Gestalter

CHRISTIAN BERGER VISUAL NOMAD, ed. Helmut Groschup, monograph published by Studien Verlag ISBN 3-7065-1723-X

*American Cinematographer, 2/06 “Lives on Tape”

FILM und TV KAMERAMANN 2/05 “The Man with the Valise” – B&B CINE REFLECT LIGHTING SYSTEM Seminar at HFF Potsdam

Kulturberichte aus Tirol 04 “The Award-Winning Clear View “

MediaBiz 12/04 “Sun on the Set” – B&B CINE REFLECT LIGHTING SYSTEM

*Making Pictures – A Century of European Cinematography – Abrams Inc., New York Aurum Press, London – Contributions on RAFFL and THE PIANO TEACHER

*American Cinematographer, 5/02 “Secret Lives, Hard Lessons”

*InCamera 4/01 “Christian Berger puts his techniques into praxis with the Piano Teacher”

New Austrian Cinema Wespennest Film 96, On RAFFL by Guntram Geser and on MAUTPLATZ by Georg Seeßlen

Das Fenster 54 A laudatio to Otto Grünmandl for winning the Tyrolean State Prize for Literature 92

Fernando Birri, “Noise and Poetry”, Verlag Südwind

*Filmkonst Göteborg 3/90, Why do you make films?

*Cinéma en liberté 69–93, Cannes, La Quinzaine des réalisateurs, Edition de la Martinière

Kinema-kommunal, Frankfurt :

  • 2/92 Hanna Monster, Liebling: The desensitizing of the individual
  • 3/92 … A look at film culture in Austria
  • 4/92 HM,L … The money’s gone…
  • 5/92 Cineforum on HANNA MONSTER, LIEBLING at the Deutsches Filmmuseum
  • 8/92 HM,L … Creating fiction with documentary resources
  • 3/93 HM,L … Everything with the body
  • 5/93 HM,L … This is no US movie

Nahaufnahmen, How can we speak of the past after a mere ten years…Edition Film / Europaverlag 92

Filmkritik Schreiben, Lausbubenkritiker 92, Edition Film / Europaverlag

Das Fenster 45, 1989, Walter Groschup, “Christian Berger, Filmmaker”

Die Magie des Rechtecks, Esthetics and working conditions, Kino Vision / Europaverlag

Das Fenster 34/35, The film RAFFL isn’t just another tribute to Andreas Hofer

You find various articles about CINE REFLECT LIGHTING SYSTEM – CRLS and new projects in American Cinematographer, British Cinematographer, Jon Fauer’s Film&Digital Times.


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Images 1894 – 2010

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