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Cinematographer, director, producer, and writer of numerous documentaries, made-for-TV films, and features.
Cinematographer for such renowned directors as Michael Haneke, Luc Bondy, Wolfgang Glück, Stephen Gaghan, Amos Gitai, Peter Sehr and Marie-Noèlle, János Szász, Angelina Jolie, Virgil Widrich, Terrence Malick.

Em. University professor at the Vienna Film Academy.
Membership of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences since 2010.
Founding member of the Lichtakademie Bartenbach, guest lecturer at various international film schools (Bolzano, Havana, FEMIS / Paris, HFF and DFFB Berlin, danske filmskol Copenhagen, FAAP Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv University, Focal Zürich, Generation Campus 2013 Moscow Film School, NFTS – National Film and Television School London 2016, Terre di Cinema – Cinematographers Days – Masters of Light Sicily Italy 2016).

His own projects (director and cinematographer) include RAFFL (1983/1984),

Christian Berger developed the new “CINE REFLECT LIGHTING SYSTEM Berger/Bartenbach” in collaboration with Bartenbach Lichtlabor.
In addition to creating new esthetic possibilities for the camera, this system gives actors and directors unprecedented flexibility and freedom.

Berger employed this system for the first time to some degree in THE PIANO TEACHER and exclusively used the CINE REFLECT LIGHTING SYSTEM Berger/Bartenbach to shoot the films DEAD MAN’S MEMORIES, NE FAIS PAS ÇA, MEIN MÖRDER, CACHÉ / HIDDEN, the commercial MASTERCARD, DISENGAGEMENT, 2008 the Michael Haneke’s film THE WHITE RIBBON, 2011 LUDWIG II, 2012 THE NOTEBOOK, 2014 BY THE SEA by and with Angelina Jolie digital in Cinemascope, 2015 THE NIGHT OF A THOUSAND HOURS, 2016 HAPPY END by Michael Haneke as well as Angelina Jolie in ‘Notes of a Woman’ for MON GUERLAIN.

Numerous Austrian and international awards, recently:
“Golden Camera 300 for outstanding Contribution to the World Cinema Art” at the 33th Manaki Brothers film festival in Bitola Macedonia 2012. “Manaki Brothers” is the world’s oldest film festival that pays tribute to the creative work of the cinematographers and celebrates the visual artistic aspects of film.

Cinematography awards for THE WHITE RIBBON:
– Cinematographer of the year Los Angeles 09
– Hamilton Award Behind the Camera
– Best Cinematography 2009 Los Angeles Film Critics award
– Best Cinematography 2009 New York Film Critics Circle award
– Best Cinematography 2009 US National Society of Film Critics award
– British Society of Cinematographers Nomination for best Cinematography
– Beste Kamera 2010 Preis der deutschen Filmkritik
– LOLA 2010 Deutscher Filmpreis
– Diagonale Kamerapreis AAC 10, Romy 2010
– Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography 2010, ASC (American Society of Cinematographers)
– Oscar Nominee 2010 Cinematography

2018 – Berger received the tribute from the AIP, the Portuguese Society of Cinematographers, in result of his contribution to cinematography and to cinematographers.

The invention of his “CLRS” – Cine Reflect Lighting System – which some of our members use extensively in their works and of course for a career in cinematography in particular the works with Michael Haneke in the last 2 decades were strong reasons to give this highly recognition.

Tony Costa awarded the plaque to signal the date and Iana Ferreira, member of the Portuguese society and a fan of Christian’s work, handed the golden Spectra light Meter which is the trophy which AIP gives to its honorary and special members. The first one to get it was Vittorio Storaro last year.

Cinemateca Lisboa / AIP 10/2018

LINKS – World agent except Europe. – Center of innovative lighting.

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